Ludlow Bromley Yacht Club & The Lagoon Saloon



The Lagoon Saloon... Great patio with outdoor seating available.
Food & Drink specials daily.
The Lagoon Saloon open daily at 11:00am.
We are a Cash Only Establishment Proudly Accepting American Currency!
We do have an ATM!

Band Schedule

May 5: 24/7
May 6: 1st Responders Concert - featuring Tyler Moore Band, Derek Alan Band & Maddy Rose Band
May 12: Southern Savior
May 13: Brother Smith Band
May 19: What She Said
May 20: Trailer Park Floozies
May 26: Tyler Moore Band
May 27: Doghouse

June 2: Brother Smith Band
June 3: Drysdales
June 9: What She Said
June 10: 24/7
June 16: Cherry on Top
June 17: Bad Habit
June 23: Tyler Moore Band
June 24: Doghouse
June 30: Trailer Park Floozies